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Hotel Kaçinari with a central location in Prizren, seeks to provide the highest quality of hospitality service. With a professional staff that provides full time care and affection, and a highly skilled kitchen that provides different sorts of specialities, Kaçinari has your comfort as its highest concern and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that no part of its service is found lacking. It is a modern hotel that specializes in ensuring that your enjoyment remains uninterrupted, by offering a highly discreet offering.



The high-class restaurant, with a seating capacity of around 110 people, and a cuisine that has been carefully developed to deliver an unforgettable taste, specializes in breakfast offerings, which are specially tailored to the wishes of our guests.


Relaxation in our spacious rooms is a guarantee. We have shown great care to the planning and layouts of the rooms as to provide maximum comfort. Accommodation in our hotel can be in either the apartment suites or the two bed suites.


Respect of our guests privacy is a very serious concern of ours, and we make sure that all guests receive a service that is as discreet as possible, without any sorts of interruptions from the staff.



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+383 38 712 490

+383 49 769 560

Rr. Pushkëtarëve Nr.16, 20000 Prizren, Kosovo